Sunday Salsa

Sundays are meant for family, friends, and a relaxing dinner to end the week, but what would that meal be without a good side dish. Something that’s spicy, sweet, or a little bit of both. Salsas can be all of that and more. Check out some of my own salsa creations as well as ones from chefs that I’ve really enjoyed.

Latest from the Blog

Salsa Güerito y Coco

Salsa Güerito y Coco has a bit of everything. A creamy texture, a fierce heat, and a hint of coconut makes this a unique salsa for your taste buds. This salsa took time to develop, as my earliest versions did not meet my satisfaction. I had been wanting to incorporate coconuts and güeritos into aContinue reading “Salsa Güerito y Coco”

Salsa Cariño

Salsa Cariño is a new creation I made based off my usual tomatillo chiltepín salsa, but increasing the sweetness with the inclusion of honey. Cariño in Spanish refers to someone you love who is very kind or sweet. It’s like calling someone “my dear” or “my honey.” That word is very appropriate for this dishContinue reading “Salsa Cariño”

Salsa Hoja Santa Chipotle

Salsa Hoja Santa Chipotle is a delicious blend of heat, smokiness, and herbs that can be served as an addictive appetizer for your party or a tasty side dish to your main course. The salsa is not overly spicy, but provides enough of a spark from the chiles de árbol to keep you humble. ChipotleContinue reading “Salsa Hoja Santa Chipotle”

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