Sunday Salsa

Sundays are meant for family, friends, and a relaxing dinner to end the week, but what would that meal be without a good side dish. Something that’s spicy, sweet, or a little bit of both. Salsas can be all of that and more. Check out some of my own salsa creations as well as ones from chefs that I’ve really enjoyed.

Latest from the Blog

Salsa de Chiltepín

Salsa de Chiltepín is my all-time favorite salsa. I make it more than any other salsa and I absolutely love chiltepíns (they’re my favorite chiles in the world), despite their incredibly spicy taste. If you’re not familiar with chiltepíns, they’re a very small red berry that are similar in heat level to a habañero. They…


The time has come for me to finally share my guacamole recipe! I’ve only shared salsas in the past, but I take a lot of pride in how I create my guacamole. I grew up with diced tomatoes in my guacamole, but over the past year I have started moving away from using them in…

Salsa a la Magdalena

This salsa is named after my mom and was made for her as a Mother’s Day present. My mom’s favorite chile is Anaheim, which makes a lot of sense considering we always grew that pepper in our garden. Also how could you not give your mother flowers on Mother’s Day? So I decided to add…

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