Sunday Salsa

Sundays are meant for family, friends, and a relaxing dinner to end the week, but what would that meal be without a good side dish. Something that’s spicy, sweet, or a little bit of both. Salsas can be all of that and more. Check out some of my own salsa creations as well as ones from chefs that I’ve really enjoyed.

Latest from the Blog

Tien Tsin Strawberry Salsa

Tien Tsin Strawberry Salsa will hit you with heat and an acidic flavor at first bite, but your tastebuds will be rewarded after that first punch with the sweet and pleasant addition of strawberries and cinnamon basil leaves. I was inspired to make this salsa after I came across Tien Tsin Peppers and Sanaam Chiles…

Salsa Crema Asada

Salsa Crema Asada features a variety of roasted ingredients with poblanos, anaheims, bell peppers, onion, garlic, and tomatillos blended with Mexican Crema. These flavors combine to make a tasty salsa that goes great with any food. I have made a Salsa Crema Verde in the past, but the biggest difference between that dish and Salsa…

Salsa Chapulines

Grasshoppers in a salsa? Yes, Salsa Chapulines contains grasshoppers, but before you say no to this dish, these insects are actually a very tasty addition to this delicious roasted salsa. Grasshoppers in Spanish are called “chapulines,” which is derived from the Nahuatl word “chapolin,” referring to grasshoppers as rubber balls. In many parts of Mexico…

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