Sunday Salsa

Sundays are meant for family, friends, and a relaxing dinner to end the week, but what would that meal be without a good side dish. Something that’s spicy, sweet, or a little bit of both. Salsas can be all of that and more. Check out some of my own salsa creations as well as ones from chefs that I’ve really enjoyed.

Latest from the Blog

Sunday Salsa Update

Sunday Salsa will be going on hiatus for a few months as I focus on school commitments. The website will still be up and running during that time and you can find lots of great recipes in our salsa gallery. 🌶 “Un Día sin Chile, es como un Día sin Sol” 🌶

Salsa a la Valentina

Flowers and strawberries are always a special treat on Valentine’s Day, but what about including them in Salsa a la Valentina as a special gift for your loved one this year. Salsa a la Valentina is full of romantic flavors from the roasted bell peppers, sweet strawberries, juicy Mexican Pickled Onions, and some spiciness fromContinue reading “Salsa a la Valentina”

Salsa Fresa

The strawberry craze continued this week after I took another visit to the farmers market to purchase more fresh strawberries from Oxnard, California. I followed up last week’s Pico de Gallo con Fresas with a smooth mixture of strawberries, roasted red bell peppers and fresnos for my version of Salsa Fresa. The salsa is notContinue reading “Salsa Fresa”

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