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Salsa Brava

This salsa is not for the faint of heart with an intense habañero heat and plenty of citric acid in my version of Salsa Brava. Brava is translated to “brave” in Spanish and to eat this salsa you need to be ready for a challenge. The combination of six roasted habañeros, a red fresno, aContinue reading “Salsa Brava”

Salsa Chiltepin Granada

Salsa Chiltepin Granada packs a punch with the combination of chiltepins, guajillo, and ancho chiles, but that initial kick gets balanced off by the sweetness of pomegranate juice. The mixture of the sweet and spicy flavors is addictive and perfect for snacking on chips. Salsa Chiltepin Granada also works great as a topping for tacosContinue reading “Salsa Chiltepin Granada”

Piña Asada Salsa

This is a very simple chunky salsa, but the grilled pineapples steal the show. Pineapples already have a rich sweet taste, however when you grill them those flavors intensify. Grilled pineapple chunks are a delightful snack while waiting for a main course, but why not add them to a salsa? This is a take onContinue reading “Piña Asada Salsa”

Top Salsas of 2021

Before we head into the new year let’s take a quick look at some of our most popular salsas of 2021. No. 5 – Salsa Amarilla Fresca With a complexion as bright as the sun and a taste that refreshes you like a long vacation this salsa is made with an heirloom tomato, güero chile,Continue reading “Top Salsas of 2021”

Salsa Navideña

It has always been a tradition in my family to eat tamales on Christmas Eve. The anticipation for tamales can be overwhelming as we wait for them to steam on the stove, so to help those cravings this year I created a Salsa Navideña as a family snack. Salsa Navideña is a mixture of cranberries,Continue reading “Salsa Navideña”

Mesquite Chiltepin Salsa

For my birthday I wanted to make a salsa that comprised my favorite chile as well as my favorite seasoning, so I decided to create a Mesquite Chiltepin Salsa. This salsa is very hot from the extremely spicy chiltepins, but also has a delicious smokey flavor from the roasted tomatoes, bell pepper, garlic, onions, asContinue reading “Mesquite Chiltepin Salsa”

Blueberry Serrano Salsa

Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits to eat, so I have been wanting to integrate them into a salsa for quite awhile. I came up with a Blueberry Serrano Salsa that offers an abundance of sweet and spicy flavors. By themselves, blueberries are a delicious fruit, but they always taste even better when mixedContinue reading “Blueberry Serrano Salsa”

Salsa Macha de Calabaza

Cranberries, stuffing, and sweet potatoes are all fine side dishes on Thanksgiving, but what about a savory Salsa Macha de Calabaza to compliment your turkey? Salsa Macha de Calabaza combines roasted pumpkin seeds with a trio of dried chiles to create a side dish full of heat and nutty flavors. I always eat my turkeyContinue reading “Salsa Macha de Calabaza”

Salsa Roja

My version made with three guajillos, three árbols, three New Mexico reds, and a few chiltepins. Its not as spicy as you would think, as its balanced out nicely with cilantro, roasted onions, garlic, a red bell pepper, and ground cloves. This came about because I was out of salsa earlier in the week andContinue reading “Salsa Roja”


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