Salsa a la Valentina

Flowers and strawberries are always a special treat on Valentine’s Day, but what about including them in Salsa a la Valentina as a special gift for your loved one this year. Salsa a la Valentina is full of romantic flavors from the roasted bell peppers, sweet strawberries, juicy Mexican Pickled Onions, and some spiciness fromContinue reading “Salsa a la Valentina”

Pico de Gallo con Fresas

I was excited to find fresh strawberries being sold during my most recent visit to the Rillito Park Farmers Market. The vibrantly red strawberries were harvested out of Oxnard, California. I ended up buying a full tray of them as I love the taste of fresh strawberries and I wanted to incorporate this fruit intoContinue reading “Pico de Gallo con Fresas”

Salsa Chiltepin Granada

Salsa Chiltepin Granada packs a punch with the combination of chiltepins, guajillo, and ancho chiles, but that initial kick gets balanced off by the sweetness of pomegranate juice. The mixture of the sweet and spicy flavors is addictive and perfect for snacking on chips. Salsa Chiltepin Granada also works great as a topping for tacosContinue reading “Salsa Chiltepin Granada”