Salsa de Chiltepín

Salsa de Chiltepín is my all-time favorite salsa. I make it more than any other salsa and I absolutely love chiltepíns (they’re my favorite chiles in the world), despite their incredibly spicy taste. If you’re not familiar with chiltepíns, they’re a very small red berry that are similar in heat level to a habañero. TheyContinue reading “Salsa de Chiltepín”

Tien Tsin Strawberry Salsa

Tien Tsin Strawberry Salsa will hit you with heat and an acidic flavor at first bite, but your tastebuds will be rewarded after that first punch with the sweet and pleasant addition of strawberries and cinnamon basil leaves. I was inspired to make this salsa after I came across Tien Tsin Peppers and Sanaam ChilesContinue reading “Tien Tsin Strawberry Salsa”

Salsa Chapulines

Grasshoppers in a salsa? Yes, Salsa Chapulines contains grasshoppers, but before you say no to this dish, these insects are actually a very tasty addition to this delicious roasted salsa. Grasshoppers in Spanish are called “chapulines,” which is derived from the Nahuatl word “chapolin,” referring to grasshoppers as rubber balls. In many parts of MexicoContinue reading “Salsa Chapulines”

Salsa de Tejocote y Chile Manzano

Tejocotes, also known as Mexican Hawthorn fruits, contain a bitter taste, but can provide sweetness from a high pectin content. They have large dark seeds in the middle, which explains why it is also referred to as the “stone fruit” in Nahuatl (texocotl.) Tejocotes are typically grown in the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala andContinue reading “Salsa de Tejocote y Chile Manzano”