Salsa Crema Verde

At first glance you will undoubtedly think it is guacamole. Take one bite of this creamy-spicy green mixture and you’ll understand why this is no guacamole.

Salsa Crema Verde has a fluid texture with the combination of Mexican Crema and water to the freshness of a variety of other green ingredients. The flavors are plentiful throughout this salsa. There’s the very noticeable heat of the roasted jalapeños, a bit of sweetness from the green bell pepper, and of course the richness of the avocados.

The avocados do give the salsa a familiar similarity to guacamole. Crema Verde’s color will turn a shade darker and lose its freshness after a day, just like guacamole. That is because avocados have an enzyme in them that will turn its flesh brown when exposed to oxygen. The salsa is still good to eat after one day (just mix it a bit with a spoon), but that’s the extent of its life span.

My best advice to combatting this issue is adding a layer of lime juice to the top of the salsa. The acid from the lime juice works as a barrier to temporarily prevent oxygen from reaching the avocados’ enzymes. I also highly recommend making Crema Verde the day you are going to use it. Plus you’re very likely to consume it all in one day.

There is really nothing this salsa can’t go with. Crema Verde works great as snack, a topping for your carnitas, but if you really want to try something out of the box, use it on top of waffles. For me, it was a very pleasant addition to waffles for breakfast. Just think of it like eating avocado toast.

1 Green Bell Pepper, roasted, stemmed
2 Jalapeños, roasted stemmed, seeded
5 Avocados
1 cup Mexican Crema
2 Limes, juiced
2 cloves Garlic
1/3 cup White Onion, chopped
½ cup Cilantro
½ cup Water
2 tsp Salt
½ tsp pepper

Remove the stem and seeds from the jalapeños and bell pepper. Cut the peppers in half and then roast them over the stove or in the oven until slightly charred on all sides. Place the peppers in the blender along with the rest of the ingredients, except the salt, pepper, and one lime. Purée for 30 seconds and then add the salt and pepper. Blend for one minute before serving. You can also add the extra lime juice on top of the salsa to keep it fresher longer.

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