Salsa Chiltepin Granada

Salsa Chiltepin Granada packs a punch with the combination of chiltepins, guajillo, and ancho chiles, but that initial kick gets balanced off by the sweetness of pomegranate juice. The mixture of the sweet and spicy flavors is addictive and perfect for snacking on chips. Salsa Chiltepin Granada also works great as a topping for tacos or inside burritos.

I also incorporated an ingredient in this salsa that I had never used before. While I was in San Diego visiting my sister I found Maggi Sauce at the Northgate Gonzalez Market in Chula Vista. Maggi Sauce is made from fermented wheat protein and offers a savory taste, similar to a soy sauce.

I have seen recipes that have called for Maggi Sauce in salsas, but have never been able to find the ingredient at my local markets. When I saw it on the shelves at Northgate I had to stock up on the sauce. I used the Maggi Sauce in place of salt and pepper for Salsa Chiltepin Granada. If you have difficulties finding Maggi Sauce, you can either use soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce for this salsa.

1 tbsp whole chiltepins
2 ancho chiles, seeded & roasted
4 guajillo chiles, seeded & roasted
5 tbsp pomegranate juice
½ tsp Maggi Sauce
1 cup chile water (from the soaked guajillos and anchos)
4 large red onion slices, roasted
3 garlics, roasted
½ lime, juiced

Remove the seeds and stems from the anchos and guajillos. Then toast the chiles over the stove until lightly charred on each side (do not over roast or chiles will taste bitter). Transfer the chiles to a pot of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Once completed, place the chiles in the blender. Do NOT discard the chile water when completed. Take one cup of the chile water and add to the blender with the chiles.

Roast the onion and garlic over the stove until lightly charred on all sides (4-5 minutes). Place the roasted onion and garlic in the blender along with the rest of the ingredients. Purée for one minute until well combined. Pour the salsa into a bowl and place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes before serving.

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