Salsa de Tejocote y Chile Manzano

Tejocotes, also known as Mexican Hawthorn fruits, contain a bitter taste, but can provide sweetness from a high pectin content. They have large dark seeds in the middle, which explains why it is also referred to as the “stone fruit” in Nahuatl (texocotl.) Tejocotes are typically grown in the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala and is an essential ingredient when making Ponché Navideño.

When I came across tejocotes in San Diego last month I wondered if there was a way I could incorporate them into a salsa. After doing some research I came across a fun recipe on Youtube by Conoce Tú Sazón called Salsa de Tejocote y Chile Manzano.

The salsa is a spicy mixture with the inclusion of roasted manzano peppers, but tejocotes give this unique dish a special taste. I love how the recipe calls for the tejocotes to be roasted on a comal, as it helps enhance the flavors of the fruit.

The vasty collection of ingredients get mashed together in a molcajete, but make sure to remove the seeds from the tejocotes first. Those seeds would be detrimental to chew or swallow… remember tejocotes are also called the “stone fruit.”

Conoce Tú Sazón writes that the salsa originates from northern Michoacán and goes great with carnitas tacos. I made this salsa for Thanksgiving with my relatives in Phoenix and the salsa went great with turkey and as a side dish.

If you want to make this salsa check out the recipe and video on Conoce Tú Sazón’s youtube page:

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